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What I Learned From The Little Rascals

Today, on ABC Family, there is a movie marathon of some amazingggg movies.  First up is The Little Rascals.  While watching this movie, I have been thinking about how most people, guys and girls both, have not changed much since we were 5 or 6.  Here is a list of a few I have discovered....

  1. Whenever a boy gets happy with a girl (i.e. Darla and Alfalfa), all the said boys friends have to try and get in the middle of it and try to end it.  Boys always talk about they get girls and stuff like that, but when one of their fellow men decides to commit, the friends try and tell him its a bad idea.  Take the latest episode of Teen Mom.  It was Amber's birthday, and she wanted to go out with some friends.  Gary, her baby's daddy, agreed to watch their daughter so that she could be with friends.  Gary left to go pick up a cake for his girlfriend, and took a friend along.  His "friend" thought he was doing the right thing by telling Gary that she should not go out on her birthday, but should sacrifice her fun to be with her boyfriend on her birthday.  WTF!  If she doesn't want to hang out with him, why is it his "FRIENDS" job to tell her what is right and wrong in their relationship.  In The Little Rascals, Spanky does not want Alfalfa to date Darla, since he is in the He-Man-Women-Haters-Club and all.  So when Alfalfa wants to date Darla on a nice romantic lunch date in the club house, the boys feel like they need to ruin the date.  They poor lake water in the grape juice, and kitty litter in the sandwiches. What ASSHOLES! 
  2. Even though I am a girl, I do agree that a nice car, money, and a smooth personality can distract you from what you really want (i.e. When Darla starts to show an interest in Waldo, the rich new boy).  Even if you love the boy you are with, sometimes money distracts you.  Even though Darla likes Alfalfa a lot, and made a commitment to sing a duet with him in the local talent show, she takes one look at Waldo, with his Bentley, and Belgian Croissants and forgets all about poor little Alfalfa :(  Poor guy.  He tried so hard to woo her, but it is no use.  She is going for his limos and great romantic dinners out.  Good thing I have an amazing boyfriend that would do anything to make me happy :)
  3. Lastly, competition is everything.  Not only does Darla make two boys compete for her love, but the boys all compete in the Blur car race.  Darla has both of these boys wrapped around her pretty little finger, and she uses this to her advantage.  She wants Aflalfa to quit the He-Man-Women-Haters-Club, and she wants Waldo to buy her everything and cater to her every need.  I am all for getting your man wrapped around your finger and getting him to do stuff for you, but not TWO men.  Darla, what a hoe and a half!  Also, the boys care more about this little car race then anything else.  Yes, these are little kids who have nothing better to do, but once you reach a certain age, this constant need to compete should start to die down.  It is only ok for athletes, professional athletes that is.
Well, signing off for now :)

In the words of Buckwheat, "I've got two pickles, I've got two pickle, I've got two pickles HEY HEY HEY!"

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