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X-Factor Contestant Is An Escort!

Chloe Heald aka Chloe Victoria, can be seen on the XXX website adultwork.com, and describes herself as a "100% English Yorkshire dirty slut" available for "outcalls around Yorkshire!!"

She previously charged £160 an hour, however since her popularity has risen after appearing on X Factor, she has raised her rates to £250 an hour or £600 for three, or £1200 for an overnight!!

She told a reporter that she has had a few famous clients "There are TV personalities, footballers, solicitors, even coppers. They aren't sleazy - sleazy people can't afford £250 an hour."

Holy Crap Girl!!!!  Simon Cowell, the shows producer and judge, said he plans to confront her about this, especially since she starting doing this AFTER her audition for the show. She most recently logged into the site less then a week ago!

Her online profile reads....
I stand tall at 5ft 8, lovely toned body and stunning face, I love to wear the most daring outfits so if this is your thing, please do say, hehe, I can fulfil every fantasy with my dirty mind so what you waiting for drop me a email babes or send a escort booking request!

Girl, please, get your act together!  You are 19 years old, and have an almost two year old to worry about.  Your child and legal career should be what you are focused out, not making a fast grand for whoring yourself out!!!!

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