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Who Is Janelle's Baby Daddy?

Teen Mom 2 train wreck Jenelle Evans needs to schedule an appearance on the Maury Povich show. She's the trashtastic type that he's looking for, and she's not sure who her baby daddy is. According to a pal of Jenelle's who gave an interview with OK! magazine, Jenelle cheated on her beau Andrew with her best friend Tori Rhyne's boyfriend Stephen Fullwood!

“Tori still doesn’t know to this day that Jenelle hooked up with Stephen. Jenelle thinks Jace’s father might be Stephen, but she doesn’t want Tori to get mad at her.”
Jenelle's relationship with Andrew wasn't exactly a storybook romance; the relationship was filled with violence.
“He hit her. He tried to push her out of a window and broke her laptop — she even pressed charges.” 
Despite their tumultuous relationship, Jenelle and Andrew were allegedly trying to have a baby. Wow, this is straight out of a fairy tale!

“Andrew tried to get Jenelle pregnant for the longest time. He went off to rehab, and then he got out and she was pregnant. The whole time he was away Jenelle was at Stephen Fullwood’s house every day.”
Don't expect to find out who Jace's daddy is, because Jenelle doesn't want to take a DNA test to find out.

“She won’t talk about it. She wants to believe it’s Andrew. But Andrew doesn’t think he’s the dad, from what I hear. It would suck to find out Andrew wasn’t the dad and he’s been paying child support for a kid that’s not even his.”
Amber Portwood is sending a bouquet of roses Jenelle's way right now with a thank you card that reads "Thank you for being a more hideous 'Teen Mom' than I am. Keep up the good work!"

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