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Paris Pleads Guilty To Avoid Jail Time

Paris pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor drug possession and obstructing an officer in order to avoid a felony cocaine charge.  The plea agreement also says that she must complete a drug abuse program, pay a $2,000 fine and serve 200 hours of community service.  The reason that he obstructing an officer charge was added was because it was figured out that Paris was lying when she said that the bag was not hers.  They figured this out because the dumb ass had tweeted a picture of the bag a month earlier exclaiming how excited she was that she got a bag.  Well isn't she a smart cookie.  It also probably didn't help that she said the coke was CHEWING GUM!!!! WTF! She should go to jail, at least we wouldn't have to hear about her bull shit for a little bit...

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