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Oh My Glee!

Check out Kurt and Blaine's AMAZINGGGG duet of Baby Its Cold Outside on next week's Glee


The Gosselin Children Are Getting Coal This Year For Christmas

The Gosselin kiddies don't believe in Santa Claus and they are telling everyone in school that he is not real, which has resulted in some angry calls from parents. And Jon is bearing the brunt of their anger!

A source claims:
"The kids don't believe in Santa Claus, and they're telling other kids at school that there is no Santa Claus. He has received many phone calls from parents because the kids actually told others that 'your parents are lying to you' causing them to get upset."
Considering Alexis and Collin are being home schooled due to "anger issues," this is not a good sign.

The insider added:
"The kids are too smart at this point, but they are sweet about it and go along with it… and the Easter Bunny too
The kids are really coming into their own and they want to be treated as individuals. They enjoy different things so while one wants a scooter, the other wants a bike. They also want trucks and dolls and games."
My mother, still to this day, has never told any of her three children there is no Santa.  And she will stick to the story, I'm sure for the rest of her life, that there is a Santa!


Eva Longoria Having Tattoo's Removed

Since filing for divorce from her hubby Tony Parker, Eva Longoria would like to be rid of him completely - and that includes removing two tattoos that once honored her ex.

Eva has a "NINE" on the back of her neck for Tony's number on the Spurs and her 7/7/07 wedding date in roman numerals on her wrist.

“And to think Eva was so ecstatic about getting married on such a lucky date,"

quipped an friend of the actress.


Get Ready For An Amazing Post-Super Bowl Glee!

A huge topic of speculation amongst Gleeks this year has been Glee's upcoming post-Super Bowl show. Considering that it is following the biggest sporting event of the year, naturally fans are expecting something HUGE to come out of Ryan Murphy's hit factory T.V. show. In the past, big episodes have been primarily tribute shows to pop music's biggest stars like Madonna and Brit-Brit.

Guess what? Ain't happening. Know what is?

A full-blown, epic MASH-UP of two iconic Michael Jackson songs!!! Amazing!
Right now, all we know is half of the equation, but it really is a biggie. The kids of McKinley will be tackling arguably MJ's biggest hit ever, Thriller! Totally rad, right?

But wait, there's more!

Sources explain that this is bound to go down as one of the most expensive episodes in the show's history and will feature cover songs from OTHER artists besides MJ, like the Black Eyed Peas, Lady Antebellum, and Katy Perry.

Want more? Fine, here's more!

The episode won't be a tribute show, but it will in it's own way be dedicated to it's on-air predecessor. The theme of the episode will be sports, following the school's football team and Sue Sylvester's Cheerios as they head into major sporting competitions. Gleeks can expect appearances from Darren Criss (squeal!) and Dot-Marie Jones as Coach Beiste and as General Motors is co-sponsoring the episode, more than likely the episode will be longer with limited commercial interruptions.

And we're spent…and completely stoked. This doesn't sound like it's going to disappoint any Gleeker out there!

Teen Mom Charged With Two Counts Of Felony Domestic Violence

She had to have seen this coming. There was no way they were just going to let it slide that she beat on her fiancee mercilessly on TV!

This morning, Amber Portwood of Teen Mom was officially charged with two felony counts and one misdemeanor for domestic violence and battery. After reviewing the evidence, the police determined that her baby Leah was in the room during Amber's ferocious attack on her baby daddy, Gary Shirley, as seen on the show. Under Indiana law, an incident of domestic abuse is considered a felony if a child is present for the abuse.

A warrant for her arrest will be issued by the end of the day.

We hope she's got enough MTV saved up to afford a good lawyer!

Brian Austin Green Talks About Past Split From Megan Fox

Since Brian Austin Green first began dating Megan Fox when she was only 18-years-old, the two briefly split in 2009 to give her a little space.
But it seemed to have worked out for the best! They're going strong till this day…
Green said:
“The reality is, she was 18 when I met her and she went through an enormous change in her life… just her career in general and going from being a girl who — when I met her, she was living in New York doing Hope & Faith and we’d go to restaurants and I was the person everybody would recognize and point and laugh at or whatever.
And all of a sudden that turned around and she couldn’t go anywhere and her name and her face were everywhere. So, she went through the natural period of, ‘I’m not sure if I’m ready to be in such a settled relationship.'
I didn’t want her to feel like she was stuck because she said she wanted to be in a relationship to begin with and we just never really went in different directions. We’d say, ‘Oh, let’s kind of take a break and see what’s going on.’ It always came back together.
I have an eight-year-old, he was two at the time, when Megan and I met. She helped me raise him and it’s a huge responsibility. There was a lot to it. She’s amazing.”


Royal Wedding To Happen!

By now, everyone on the planet knows that Prince William has finally taken the plunge and asked his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton to marry him.

The royal family's reactions were ecstatic especially his father, Prince Charles, who told the press he was "thrilled" to hear the news and even tried to make a little funny about it. He told sources, "They've been practicing for long enough."

Meanwhile, William's younger brother Prince Harry echoed his father's sentiments, at least the ones about being happy for his brother. He told sources:
"I am delighted my brother has popped the question! It means I get a sister, which I have always wanted."
Aw! How nice! One big extraordinarily rich and powerful family.
While Buckingham Palace will be abuzz with wedding plans for the next several months, the world is preparing itself to broadcast the biggest event of the coming year. Almost a billion people watched Prince William's father marry his mother, Princess Diana and sources are projecting that this wedding will garner far more millions of eyeballs! A BBC spokesperson explained:
“Today's news will be greeted with huge interest and excitement and we very much hope we will be able to broadcast the service to the U.K. and the world. If that is the case, there is no doubt the wedding will be enjoyed by one of the biggest audiences in history.”
Hold up! You think the royal family might veto broadcasting the wedding to the world? No fair! We've all been waiting for this day for like, ever! No way we're being kept out of the fun!


T.Swift And Jake Gyllenhaal Are Heating Up

Sources are reporting that while Jake Gyllenhaal was in London this week, promoting his new movie Love and Other Drugs, he started to get this feeling, this lonely feeling. His heart yearned to be close to his new lady love, Taylor Swift, but alas, she was still in the U.S.

Easy fix to that though- charter a private plane and get her booty across the pond!

And that's exactly what he did! Sources reporting that over the weekend, Jake threw down more than $150K to fly T.Swift over to London so he could spend some "quality time" together.

Police Have Unedited Tape Of Teen Mom Beating Ex

The unedited video of Teen Mom star Amber Portwood beating her ex boyfriend Gary Shirley is in the hands of the Anderson, Indiana Police Department, TMZ reports. 

The episode was filmed approximately six months ago and showed the reality star lashing out at her ex by cursing and punching him several times.  In one scene she kicks the father of their 2-year-old daughter, Leah. 

Throughout the abuse, Gary Shirley, noticeably larger than the hot tempered, and furious Amber Portwood, remained calm and threw no punches towards Amber.

Since the video has aired the couple’s daughter has been living with Gary Shirley.

TMZ reports that the Anderson Police Department confirmed they subpoenaed MTV for the unedited footage as well as any evidence that shows domestic violence.

If Leah was present during the attack, Amber Portwood may be charged with felony domestic violence or assault charges

Check out the video below:


Jessica Simpson Is Engaged

Just days after her ex Nick Lachey announced his engagement to Vanessa Minnillo, Jessica Simpson has some big news herself.

She and NFL player Eric Johnson are getting married after the couple began dating in May.
Jess was spotted wearing some major bling on her engagement finger at Dillard's in Kansas City on Saturday.

Her rep confirmed it:

"Yes, we are excited to confirm that they are engaged!"

When Jess was asked about her man, she said,

"This is just normal, thank God. He's very, very supportive. [I] couldn't ask for a better man in my life right now."

Well congrats Jessica, I guess if you feel like you are happy with him, go for it :)


Teen Mom Wants To Move To Hollywood

Star Magazine is reporting that Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is planning a big move from her small town in Iowa to Hollywood. Sources close to the young mother, including her baby Sophia's paternal grandmother, Stormie Clark, claim that Farrah ""telling everyone that she's moving to L.A."
Another sources close to Farrah and Sophia adds:
“Farrah wants to become an actress and has been consulting a publicist/manager for advice on how to make her move, hire an agent and get a complete makeover. Her head has gotten so ridiculously big since Teen Mom became a hit — Farrah's confident she's going to be famous!"

OMG!  Seriously how about focusing on your daughter, and a REAL life.  Don't rely on your 15 minutes of fame to try and become an actress.  How about finishing up cooking school and become a chef and opening your own restaurant like you said you wanted to!

Why Joe Jonas Ended Things With Demi Lovato

New details have emerged about the incident at the airport where one of the tour members says that after backup dancer Alex Welch snitched on Demi's partying ways, Demi went ballistic. The source added,

"Demi walked onto the plane, did not look at the girl, then suddenly punched her in the face and threatened her with a slew of expletives. Demi's manager asked her, 'Are you in control at all?' She said, 'Sorry, I just lost it.'"

Wow. That is definitely somebody who is not in control.

According to sources, though, Joe had seen the warning signs long before her breakdown at the airport.

Demi apparently acted like a "true teenager in love," however she seemed to be "tortured" and acted like a "mess."

Even her cutting became a focal point among her peers. The source says, "It wasn't a secret. She was getting help."

Unfortunately, she clearly needed even more treatment because it got to the point where "Demi's attitude and behavior were out of control" and that's why Joe ended things with her.

Sad. This really just seems like a lost teenage girl who let the fast life get to her. We just hope she recovers well in her treatment.


More Reason To Think P!nk Is Preggers

The latest evidence of Pink's possible pregnancy comes in the form of a tweet from Good Day L.A. co-host Jillian Barberie Reynolds.

Here's what Jillian tweeted on her Twitter page:
"Hey, Pink, I'm sooooo happy for you lady!!! Congrats on baby!! Ps. You know your man whispered it to us at dinner. See I CAN keep a secret!!"


Teen Mom Opens Up About Losing Her Child

In the aftermath of her violent attack on her baby daddy, Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has lost her right to have her 2-year-old daughter, Leah, in her custody. Child Protective Services intervened and placed the child with her ex-fiance, Gary Shirley, but Amber insists that the measure was taken for the child's safety against paparazzi, not herself.

For the first time, Amber is talking about losing her kid, claiming the CPS thought it was "safer for [Leah] to stay at Gary's because of all the photographers outside [Amber's] house."

Amber reveals that the separation has been hard on both her child and herself. She explains that being away from her girl "is the lowest of the low. Every night she's been saying, 'Where's Mommy?'"

But despite disregarding her rage issues as the reason she lost her child to being with, Amber reveals that she is trying to "put the pieces back together" in her life and "get herself better" for her child.

All nice things to hear. Now, let's see you do them.

Cutest Little Kid!!!

Jessica Simpson Has Nothing But Love For Ex Nick

There's been plenty of speculation over Jessica's feelings about Nick's engagement to Vanessa Minnillo, and now Jessica had decided to speak up about it.

Here's what she had to say about the engagement:

"I am extremely, extremely happy for him. I don't know where all those rumors came from. My mom actually called me and said that everyone was saying that I was 'saddened.' I was just in complete shock. I couldn't be more happy for Nick."

More from Jessica:

"Our relationship was over a really long time ago, and it would be nice if everyone could move on with us and really just celebrate the love between him and Vanessa [Minnillo]. I do, and I really wish them nothing but the best"

I am glad that she is taking the high road and is happy for him.  It has been years and years since their break up, and it is time for everyone to let it go!!!! 




check out last nights new glee episode!

Hef May Lose The Playboy Mansion!

It seems Hugh Hefner might have to sell the legendary Playboy Mansion, along with his collection of artwork, to pay off his investors.
By March 15, 2012, Hefner must pay $115 million to investors who will demand payment of their convertible bonds.
Playboy only has $26.5 million in cash and $9.9 million in operating cash flows in nine months, which is hardly any in reserve.
"I know that Mr. Hefner has a profound concern about the refinancibility of those bonds," said CEO Scott Flanders.
The board is also facing pressure over a buyout offer from Marc Bell, owner of Penthouse.

Demi Lovato Does Coke!

OMG! We were hoping this wasn't true!

The Disney star can be seen on tape doing lines of coke at a party in Richland Hills, Texas last year.

A witness claims:
"Demi was belligerent, being slutty and doing coke all over the house. The guy who hosted the party shot multiple videos of this and what I've seen with my eyes, Demi is screaming, 'F**k all of you, I'm famous, I don't care what any of you think of me the whole world loves me.' He shot her in the bathroom as she was finishing a line (of cocaine)."
Ugh. In the video, which is currently being shopped around, Demi can been seen snorting the drug through a rolled up note.

Teen Mom Served Papers

As we've mentioned before, police are investigating Teen Mom star Amber Portwood for allegedly beating on her ex-fiance and baby daddy Gary Shirley.

And by allegedly, we're talking about the now infamous confrontation caught on tape and shown on air for everyone to see and that sparked the investigation to begin with.

The cops are demanding to see what else might have happened during the fight, slapping MTV with a subpoena to surrender any and all video from that day of filming.

In the filing, given to MTV producers on Monday, police ask for “any and all records reference raw television or video media footage regarding the MTV production(s) of Teen Mom which depict all or potentially all physically violent encounters between Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley, in addition to any raw footage of the Reunion Shows in Portwood and Shirley discuss any such violent encounters on the show Teen Mom, either 'aired' or 'unaired'”.

A spokesman for the department reports that MTV is being "very cooperative" with officials and will have 30 days to hand over everything they have. However, we hear MTV has already given the tapes over to their attorney to review, so the ball is already rolling.

Things don't look too good for Amber. We actually kind of hope MTV is getting all of this on film. Maybe seeing the prospect of one of these Teen Mom's going to jail will help de-glamorize the series a bit for other teens.

P!nk Is Preggers!

Singer P!nk and husband Carey Hart are expecting their first child sometime late next year!

Source told Us Weekly:

"She's 12 weeks along. She wanted to do it between tours, when she has some time off.
Pink was determined to make the relationship solid. Now she’s really happy, and she’s excited she got pregnant so fast! She’ll be a brilliant mother."

Congrats to both of them!!!!


Lindsay Lohan Spotted

This morning, Lindsay Lohan took the next step in her recovery process. She moved out of her inpatient room at the Betty Ford Clinic into an outpatient house near the facility. She is expected to stay in the house until January, but the move suggests that Lindsay will have a bit more freedom than before.

Bret Michaels Denies Sleeping With Mileys Mom

This morning, Bret Michaels was on Fox & Friends promoting his reality show when the inevitable question was asked: Did he or did he not get busy with Miley Cyrus' mom, Tish, subsequently demolishing the Cyrus family's perfect home facade?

His answer was "no".

But then he gave a history lesson on how he and Miley got to working together that neither confirmed nor denied the story. He explained:
“It started out with me and Miley simply working on a song together. Her mom, Tish, likes ‘Every Rose Has Its Thorn,’ the first concert Miley ever saw was Poison, and so they wanted to remake it for the new record. When I was in the studio, Miley came in and sang on my song, a song I wrote for my album ‘Custom Built,’ and she came over and sang on that and honestly, she did a beautiful job, and that was it. Then they started with all the controversy.”
Yeah, like we really believe that!  You have had sex with every whore on the planet, what would stop you from sleeping with someone who is somewhat normal?!

Spencer Opens Up About Heidi And His Financial Troubles

Either we're finally seeing Spencer Pratt being 100% honest, or this is the most brilliant publicity stunt these two have pulled yet!

The former reality star is opening up about his dire financial situation that's left he and his wife, Heidi Montag, living with nothing but a $400 a week allowance from his father, the alleged 'real' reason the two almost divorced, and why he's giving up famewhoring!

He explains:
"We felt the fleetingness of 15 minutes of fame so we were trying to buy, like, … Let's buy fame. Like if we could eat at this restaurant all the time, maybe we'll get seen with Mel Gibson or these bigger stars. So you know, we knew our positions, so we were having basically to buy into a tax bracket we didn't belong into. I know it's the dumbest thing ever spending money on things. But it's like, if we didn't, we wouldn't have got this [web write-up], or we wouldn't have got this picture in the magazine, and then we wouldn't be famous at all, and that's the only thing we had going for us at the time. I would say we were spending more than $100,000 [each month] on clothes for sure. And we would only wear them once. For me to think I was going to be famous and continue at that level of income on a steady basis, was … naive, egotistical, and just foolish. I can't have a long-range plan because I'm so hated I don't see anywhere I could go. I'm not afraid, I know it's a reality if we didn't have my dad letting us live in his guesthouse, Heidi and I would have no place to live so we would be homeless and we couldn't afford [to live] anywhere. As much as I love her, I was like, 'You need to divorce me to save any chance of a career, a business for yourself.' It's not fair for this sweet, innocent Heidi Montag to be part of Speidi. So really I was trying to divorce Speidi … ’cause you know I know I have no future career on camera, on TV, but Heidi, still to this day, I think could be the biggest actress, TV star, movie star, singer — she was born for it. I became this hated to buy things that I don't even have anymore. So I have nothing to show for it. Thank everything that Heidi has stayed with me through all of this because I wake up and say, 'At least I have Heidi. [That's] the greatest thing out of all of this.'"
I honestly do not think he is being sincere, but who knows, maybe it is really this bad...

Another Gay Teen Ends His Life

Another devastating loss.

Brandon Bitner, a 14 year old boy from Snyder County, Pennsylvania, ended up his life on Friday night by stepping in front of a tractor-trailer rig after enduring years of relentless bullying.
In a note written beforehand, he revealed that he didn't have it in him to endure another four years of being called a "faggot" and "sissy" at his high school.

The Midd-West School District's superintendent, Wesley Knapp, claims that with the exception of an undisclosed "humiliating incident" in the cafeteria a few days before his passing, he had received no reports of Bitner being bullied.

He explains:
“I’ve been questioning myself. We can’t be too conscientious. If we see a kid who seems to be hurting, we need to single them out [for help]. The fact they don’t report it doesn’t let us off the hook. We need to reach out to kids. We’re going to try and do a better job.”
Bitner's cousin Katie Goodling continues:
“People have to know — and I’ve been getting his story out on Twitter, Facebook so people can read it — that this can happen to anyone, even people you don’t suspect.”
We can't even begin to express to his family and loved ones how sorry we are for such a tragic loss.
Again, we BEG anyone who feels bullied, tormented, confused, or alone to please speak out to someone.

There are people who love you and need you! There's so much happiness out there that can be yours, it just takes a little time and a lot of courage to find it sometimes! And we promise that it's worth the wait!

It WILL get better. We promise you that!

R.I.P. Brandon. You are in our thoughts.

Did Kendra Lie About Not Posing For Playboy Again?

Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett said she was NOT going to be posing nude for playboy again, but then why is she on the December 2010 cover?

Turns out Playboy decided to use some older pics of Kendra for the issue.

Kendra Says

"The photos are from a shoot I did two years ago when I was still living in the mansion, I'm flattered to be on the cover again and as you all know Playboy has a very special place in my heart! I just wanted you guys to know I didn't recently pose."
No word on how Hank's feeling about the quasi-new December cover. But then again, it's not like she's showing us anything we haven't seen before.

Well I'm glad she didn't pose again, not when her kid is this young. Once he is older, I think it will be fine!

The Best Of Keenan Cahill


Teenage Dream Approved For Glee

Check it out!!!

Teen Mom Is In Danger!!!!!

Amber Portwood’s mother and friends are worried for her safety.

The Teen Mom star is in "serious danger," they believe, given her prescription drug abuse and violent outbursts. People fear for Amber and her daughter Leah.

Amber has not abandoned baby Leah, but left her with ex Gary Shirley. Why? "She’s getting death threats," says a friend.
"She doesn’t want Leah around that.”
The source says Amber Portwood will be on Teen Mom’s third season, even though she doesn’t want to:  
”Amber has a contract that she cant get out of.”
Still, things may be looking up:  
“She’s seeing a therapist, and it’s going well. It’s even better that her and Gary are apart and not getting back together.”
With all the drama surrounding Amber - including the ongoing domestic violence investigation - perhaps the third season should be her last on MTV.

Then again, the network will likely milk it for all it's worth.

When you have two popular shows (Jersey Shore and Teen Mom), you do what you gotta.

Christina Has A New Man!

Although she only filed for separation from Jordan Bratman a few weeks ago, Christina Aguilera is already on the prowl.

The singer has been quietly dating Matthew D. Rutler, a set assistant on Burlesque. The two went on a double date hide at El Lay's SoHo House on Friday with Nicole Richie and Joel Madden.

But the romance didn't start off strong - it sparked from a friendship!

A source close to Xtina claims:
"It's not serious yet, but it's something she is exploring and finding comfort in. It's new and she’s taking it day by day. She and Jordan were having problems for a long time. What kept them together is their love for their son. She met [Matthew] on set and, during a difficult time, leaned on as a friend. After she and Jordan separated, the friendship turned romantic.
Being a great mom to Max is the most important thing in her life."
Ha. The source is pretty reliable, so we're excited!



Miley Blames Herself For Parents Divorce

Looks like Miley Cyrus continues to take her parents' divorce hard.
Sources say that she blames her success for her parents' divorce.
Here's what a friend of Miley's had to say about it:
"Both parents have been equally involved in making their daughter a superstar. And now that they have achieved their goal they have nothing to work towards anymore and nothing to keep them together."
More from an Insider:
"Every marriage struggles when a child leaves home and the relationship gets re-examined, but add on top of that that every second of the past decade Billy Ray and Tish have spent building a star together, they have forgotten to make time for each other. It's heartbreaking. You would think that someone like Miley has everything in the world, but I guarantee she would give it all up in a second if it kept her family together. I'm sure when she blows out her birthday candles in a few weeks her wish will be for mom and dad, not her career."
We're sorry you're going through a tough time, Miley, but you def shouldn't blame yourself. Try to focus on all the positive things happening in your life

Samantha Ronson Visits Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael, wasn't the only visitor she had this weekend.

Sources spotted Samantha Ronson and a few other friend arrive at the Betty Ford Clinic to see what Lindsay is up to.

She must be doing better if the doctor is allowing her to have this many visitors. A good sign!


Four Loko Song!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reveal Their Nips/Tucks

While being interviewed on Judith Regan's Siruis radio show, the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills revealed the plastic surgery they have undergone.

 And it's extensive!

Here are the deets:
Kim Richards:
"I did a little Botox at one point with my sister, and I did have implants that I had taken out. They made them too big, and I couldn’t see my feet. Not that I loved my toes, but I would like to glance at them now and then."

Kyle Richards:
"I did have my nose done. I have done Botox. My husband doesn't know, but he does now … But these are my own boobs!"

Adrienne Maloof:
"Botox, fillers, boobs, nose … No lips … No cheek bones."

Lisa Vanderpump:
"I plead the fifth … Okay, I have a bucket of Botox in my face!"

Taylor Armstrong:
"Just start from the top, right? You should've seen what I looked like before - oh my God! I mean, scary! So yeah … filler [lips], Botox. And I had my boobs done."

Camille Grammer:
"Oh God, what have I done? Let’s see, obviously I’ve had a breast augmentation and … Botox absolutely — just a crock full of Botox."'

Danielle Staub Swings Both Ways

It seems The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub is dating again and it isn't just one person. She is seeing a man AND a woman at the same time.

But they don't all play nice!

"No, no, actually they're not really happy about each other!" she added.

Lil Wayne Is Not Allowed To Drink For 3 Years!

Lil' Wayne may be out of the slammer, but according to the terms of his probation - which he signed - he "may not consume or drink any substance containing alcohol" for the next 36 months…AKA 3 YEARS!

He's also prohibited from associating with any anyone engaged in criminal activity, anyone with a criminal record, and must submit to random drug and alcohol testing.

If he violates any terms of his probation, he'll be sent to prison to serve the remainder of his time!

Wow. They are not messing around here.

We sincerely hope that he can behave himself, but we have a sinking suspicion that it's only a matter of time before he's back behind bars!


Lady Gaga Is Taking Over!

Not only will she be inducted into Madame Tussauds museums around the world, but eight of Lady Gaga's wax likenesses will be present.
The reveal of her eight different looks will be the biggest figure launch in the history of the museum.
The eight GaGas are:
Lady in Lace:
Alex Noble lace body stocking and Philip Tracey face mask topped off with Marie Antoinette style hairstyle. As seen at The Brit Awards 2010.
Phillip Tracey telephone hat paired with a black Armani coat, flared trousers and towering heels. As seen on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross in 2010.
Black Marjan Pejoski Body suit with oversized black neck fuff and sleek, super straight platinum hair. As seen at a press conference in Seoul, South Korea.
Kinky Boots:
Short black Bruno Pieters leather body suit cut away to reveal black lace bra, quirky “disc” hat and thigh high black boots. As worn in London in 2009.
Mini Mouse:
Off one shoulder black latex body suit with long straight hair topped off with “mini mouse” style buns. As seen at the BBC Radio 1 studios in London.
Hair Hat:
Gaga’s own blonde locks splayed out into a huge sunhat teamed with black see-through net dress. As seen at the Consumer Electronics Show.
Wired “wing” dress with lightning “eye”:
Short black Orschel-Read strapless dress with wired, thigh high patent boots. As worn on Wetten Dass..? in Germany.
Big Hair:
Towering purple hair piece atop waist length platinum locks, with nude Maison Martin Margiela bodysuit, white blazer and huge platforms. As seen outside Phoenix Hotel in Denmark.



Baby Spice Is Preggers Again

Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton took to her Twitter to announce the she and Jade Jones are expecting their second child.

She Tweeted:
"So our family grows, we are SO excited to announce we're having our 2nd baby and beau's wish for a brother or sister has come true! Xxxxxxx"
We know it was hard for her to get preggers and we couldn't he happier for her!

Angelia Will Not Be Releasing "I'm Hot" Single

For the sake of the public and all of our ear drums, this is probably for the best.

The Jersey Shore's Angelina was prepped to terrorize the world last month with a single called I'm Hot, but as we all know, October came and went without any vocal stylingz from the Staten Island-bred reality star!
We're hearing now that this is because she doesn't feel that her hard work and natural talents are being compensated enough financially!

According to Angelina, her producer, Andy Stein, attempted to eff her over with a unsatisfactory contract, and she refused to sign, but Stein maintains,  
"I agreed to give [Angelina] exactly what she asked for."

Demi's Family Is Not Happy With Her Dad

Looks like Demi Lovato's dad has made his family angry by deciding to talk to the press about his daughter's issues. Hmm…why does this sound so familiar to us?

Here's what Patrick Lovato had to say about his daughter's situation:
[The pressure of being a child star] "was one of the things I worried about when she signed with Disney."
More from Pat Lovato:
"It's in her genes with her mom and dad. Mainly watching her mom. I'd gotten out of it myself. 'Cause someone had to take care of the kids."
Demi's mother, Dianna, and Disney's lawyers have warned Pat to stop talking about Demi.

Here's what Demi's attorney, Jamie Young, had to say about it:
"No one speaks for Demi except for her designated representatives. Unfortunately, several people have taken it upon themselves to speak out — both on and off the record — about a situation they know nothing about."
Here's what Demi herself said about her relationship with her father in 2009:
"Two years ago . . . When somebody lets you down after you've been the only one there for them . . . I had to cut off all connection. It was hurting me too much."
Here's what Patrick said in response to his family and Disney lashing out against him:
"Demi won't even talk to me. I don't blame Disney; I never said that. I was misquoted. Disney has been wonderful to my daughter. Now their lawyers are warning me not to say anything else."
"I would never blame Dianna. She is a wonderful mother. I love Demi, her sister, Dallas, and Dianna. I think about them all the time and I pray they are OK and safe."
It doesn't sound like Demi's father said anything too bad, but if he hasn't even been in contact with her for two years, then it's probably not his place to comment at this point.

Taylor Lautner Has A New Lady

TayTay, you sly dog! You went and snagged yourself a co-star, and didn't even tell anyone!

According to reports, Taylor Lautner has been quietly dating his Abduction co-star Lily Collins for "almost four months!"

And he even stole her away from her boyfriend at the time!

A source reports:
"Lily told pals that she wasn't looking to fall in love, but soon realized she had strong romantic feelings. Taylor was smitten from day one, but Lily let him know she was in a relationship with a stuntman who was working on a Steven Spielberg movie in New Mexico. When the boyfriend got suspicious because Lily didn't return calls promptly, he hopped a plane and turned up unannounced to confront her."
We had no idea that our little TayTay was such a scoundrel!

Former Bachelorette Contestant Found Dead After Being Reported Missing

The father of a former The Bachelorette reality TV show contestant has confirmed that his 35-year-old son, Julien Hug, was found dead along a scenic Southern California highway about 90 miles southeast of Los Angeles.

Authorities will not confirm the identity of the body or whether they suspect foul play, but our thoughts and prayers go out to the Hug family as they deal with the horrific news of their son's passing.

Teen Mom To Get Subpoena By End Of Week!

All the police need is a little more evidence and then they are good to go!

Police in Anderson, Indiana are in the middle of a domestic violence investigation against Teen Mom star Amber Portwood. On an infamous episode of the show, Amber is see mercilessly beating on her boyfriend and baby daddy Gary Shirley during a crazed rant.

To really clinch the case, law enforcement officials have contact MTV to provide them with the full, unedited footage of the fight so that they can have indisputable evidence against her. Once they have that, then there's no stopping them. An officer from the sheriff's department explains:
"We are drafting and sending the subpoena to MTV to get the unedited version of their film. We want to compare that with what we already have — and hopefully it will put us closer to putting a point on this investigation."
As of now, the police are planning on issing a subpoena this week.

We don't see how she'll be able to wriggle her way out of this! The footage is there! There's no denying she went off on him and in front of her baby no less.

Maybe this will force some maturity on her.

Demi Lovato's Parents Speak Out

Fans around the world have been showing their support for Demi Lovato who has been going through a rather difficult time right now. Feeling the love from fans and supporters, Demi's parents released a statement thanking everyone for their concern:
"Our entire family appreciates the outpouring of support we have received from Demi's fans," the De La Garzas told People in a statement.
"We are touched by their kindness."
She's a great girl and we know a lot of people truly care about her.

We hope she feels better very soon.

Weezy Is Free

After serving 8 months in prison for attempted criminal possession of a weapon, Lil Wayne is back on the streets!

He was released from Rikers Island jail in New York City on Thursday morning.

Hopefully he gets on the right track and stays out this time.


Miley's Mom Had An Affair With Bret Michaels!!!!

We figure it had to have been something like this that would break them up, but THIS we would have never guessed!

Sources are reporting that the reason Miley Cyrus' parents are splitting up is because her mother had an affair with Bret Michaels!

WHAT?! How could you, Tish?! And with someone so…similar! We would have expected, at the very least, you'd turn cougar or something! But Bret?! Really? Did you ever consider what this would do to Billy Ray's achy breaky heart?!

For shame!

Sources are reporting that Tish was spotted with Bret at one of his shows last February and that the two took meeting together, supposedly to discuss Tish's production company adapting Bret's book into a movie.

Now we know what they were really doing - and so does Billy Ray! We're told as soon as he learned about the affair, he filed for a divorce.

Of course, reps for both Bret and Tish deny any "affair" or "fling," but one Cyrus inside insists, "It was a professional relationship that turned into something more."

Wow! Who's bright idea was it to hook Miley up with Bret for a duet anyway?!?! They're to blame for this!

Oh wait, that would have been Billy Ray. Never mind!

Demi Lovato Checks Into Rehab For Eating Disorder And Cutting

Demi Lovato checked herself into a rehab facility yesterday for what her rep called "emotional and physical issues," and now sources close to her family have confirmed that she's being treated for cutting, as well as an eating disorder.

Insiders explain:
"She fought through eating disorders and has struggled with cutting. [She] is taking control by getting help. She definitely had body-image issues. She was always conscious of her weight. Like many other teenage girls, she struggled a lot to fit in and find acceptance. She's very sensitive, very intuitive and that is part of what makes her a wonderful performer – very talented. It is double-edged sword. I think she felt that the hard time she had [in school], problems with kids who were incredibly vicious made her stronger. But none of us feel strong every day."
Poor thing. It's hard to keep in mind sometimes that at the end of the day, she's just an 18 year old girl with the same problems and insecurities as anyone else her age - just under a tremendous amount more pressure.
We are, however, relieved to know that she's seeking help and ready to face her issues.

Megachurch Pastor Comes Out Of The Closet

This has to got to be one of the most impressive things we've ever heard!
After the recent trend of suicides by gay teens, Bishop Jim Swilley decided to announce to the world that he is gay.

Check out the video to see a news report about the brave, selfless man.