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Ummm..Isn't Nichole Having Her Bachelorette Party A Little Early?

Nichole Riche had a bachelorette party this past weekend, yet sources are saying her and her baby daddy, Joel Madden, are not getting married until DECEMBER!  Why in the hell would you have your last night of freedom 3 months early?  Thats just dumb!  Sources say that there was scheduling conflicts for some of the guests was the reason it was this early.  Ummmm WTF! This is their friend getting married, Samantha Ronson just needs to rechedule her DJ apperience and be able to make it in December.  This is so dumb to me!

Anyway, an exact date isn't known and neither is what the bride is wearing. To be fair, the latter is Nicole's fault as she can seem to choose between the millions of options being brought to her by her stylist Simone Harouche.

Futhermore, as to the whereabouts of said nuptials, one option being tossed around is the estate of one Lionel Richie!

Well anyways, congrats to both of them on finally deciding it was time to get married!

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