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So, I'm Katharine, not Bambi. Bambi is my stripper name. Yes, I know, very origional. This blog is all about my view, on whatever I see. Hope you all enjoy :)


Day 1....

So, being my first blog and all, I am going to test this out and see if I can get the hang of it.

I am sitting in the school library, my place of work, trying to figure out this blog thing, and so far, its pretty tricky.  I am getting my co-worker/fellow student Ricky to try and help me out, and so far, he sucks at it.  Well, not as bad our librarian boss.  I asked her if she could help me come up with a name for my blog, so she took the first letter of my last name, B, and somehow made a made-up word out of it, and added blog on the end.  WTF!  She was no help at all. 

So I am sitting here until my shift is over, and since my blog is finally created, I am not trying to find a direction for my blog...what should I write about?  Any ideas?

Maybe I should write about being in a library, hmmm so exciting.  Including me and my pal Ricky over here, there are currently 6 people in here, all of whom I am no use to.  I sit here my whole 2 1/2 hour shift, doing homework, or sitting on the ever so popular Facebook.  Yippeeeee!!!!  After this, I will go home to my apartment, cook some dinner, and go to sleep.  I know, what an exciting life I lead :)

So now that Ricky and I have no boss here, time to start talking about real things, like how he is up $240,000 in online poker, and now wants to buy John Bulls, the local bar over the wall.  Yes, John Bulls, what great memories :) Classic!

Also, we like to talk about our drunken past times.  Like one night when I went to Ibiza's, and wore new shoes.  I was sooooo drunk that, instead of taking off my shoes, I decided to PULL my blisters off my feet, and then put back on my shoes.  Not one of my smartest ideas.

Well, that's all for right now, I will post again when something exciting actually happens!\

I am leaving you with the song me and my co-working are listening to:

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