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Bryan Masche, Of Raising Sextuplets, Claims He Is Not A Criminal Because He Has A Job

What A douche and a half!!!  Bryan Masche was arrested on charges of threatening domestic violence against his wife Jenny.  He is claiming to the press that he is INNOCENT!

Here is what he had to say...

“I’m not a criminal. Look at my record - I was in the United States Air Force for eight years before working in pharmaceuticals. Now, I’m running my own finance company. At the moment I don’t want to comment further on this incident.”

I'm sorry sweetie, but just because you have yourself a job does NOT mean you are not guilty of messing up!!!  There are lots and lots of CEO's of major businesses that wind up in jail because they stole money or something, does that mean because they have a really really good job that they are really really innocent?  Of course not!

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