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Jeff Miranda seen with Jersey Shore's Angelina

Jeff Miranda, Snooki's ex-boyfriend will pretty much do anything to get his, well 5 minutes of fame (he is not even worth 15 minutes!).  Souces say that he has been visiting Staten Island, where Angelina lives, frequently.  The two were seen getting cozy while at Jersey's 118 Lounge and out to dinner the following night.  The real shocker though was when Miranda was asked if him and Angelina were "smooshing" he had no comment. 

WTF! One second you want your name to be every where, and now you have no comment about you hooking up with the girl who you said before wanted you so badly!!!!  What kind of Z-List star are you???? And why would you want to be with a girl who just hit you over the head with a microphone just last week?  GET A LIFE JEFF!!!!!

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  1. I hate Angelina.. She's a dirty, two-faced hoe. Jeff should get tested lol