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Michael Lohan Wants Lindsay Out Of Betty Ford

Now he’s saying that Lindsay shouldn’t be at Betty Ford and should be in family therapy. And maybe that’s true, but we don’t trust anything you say, Michael.

"Look at the 'short' list of people who went to Betty Ford — most, if not all, have relapsed," said Michael. "I went there myself, and I will tell you, Betty Ford is a country club. They administer prescription meds and even put their patients on prescription meds. Once more, they don't have family therapy at all."
"The root of her problems is her family,"

"This will not work — mark my words!"

he added.

Ellen Deganeres Makes Video For Gay Youth

Lindsay Says No To Conservatorship

News has reached Lindsay Lohan's room at the Betty Ford clinic that there are those looking to file for a conservatorship over her life. So far, the three contestants are her business manager, her mother Dina Lohan and her oh-so-awful douchey father Michael Lohan.

Sources close to Lindsay in rehab say that the recovering coke fiend is telling people that she will fight like hell to keep that from happening. No matter who it is, she has pledged to personally go to court and fight back against the ruling.

Wow! You mean she actually wants to take some responsibility for her actions? We would have thought that she would have loved a person to rein all the blame on the next time she screws up. (And rest assured, there will be a next time.)


WTF! Why Is Mariah In A Wheelchair?

We know that you had a very minor accident on stage, but if we recall correctly, it was very minor.

Mimi was wheeled to her car after arriving in LAX. 
Perhaps she had a severely delayed more serious reaction to her minor on-stage fall?

Whatever, she is dumb and is ovi. preggers!!!!!


Angelina To Release Single On iTunes?!?!?!?

Can't she just crawl back into whatever Staten Island dump where she came from?

Jersey Shore's #1 slam pig, Angelina, announced today via Twitter that she's somehow managed to extend her intolerable 15 minutes of fame into some sort of HOrrific recording deal, and will have a single coming out next month!


She writes:
Breaking News: My first single "I'm Hot" will drops next month on Itunes!!!! I'm so EXCITED!!!! #TeamAngelina
Yes, you and you alone are excited!

Although, if you want to have a more appropriate, true to life song title, how about you switch it to I'm Getting My Ass Kicked By Snooki This Week On Jersey Shore, or maybe just simply I Have a Pancake Ass!

Seriously, Lindsay CAN Get Dumber....

No, she's serious. Remember, this is the same girl who thought doing one line of coke wouldn't show up on her drug test.

Take from that what you will.

Lindsay Lohan has her lawyers working like busy beavers. Besides working on her "pity me" speech for her next court hearing, she also is looking to have a lawsuit dismissed claiming that she stole the "secret formula" for her spray tanning products.

Her lawyers filed the motion for White Wave International Labs to dismiss the case and included the following statement from Miz Blohan:
"Although I have been a spokesperson for Lorit, LLC, and its Sevin Nyne product, I had no involvement in where or how the Sevin Nyne product is marketed and sold or in the marketing strategy for the product."
Somewhere further down in the statement, she makes a point of saying that since she only visits Florida for "pleasure" and not work, the Florida court has no jurisdiction over her. Then she spews this gem: "I am of sound mind."


Well, I Guess The Hobbit Will Never Happen

This movie is so filled with drama and it hasn't even gone into production yet!!
Reports are saying that the unions for actors in film and television, SAG and AFTRA, have alerted their members to not accept work on Peter Jackson's upcoming film The Hobbit.
Members "are advised not to accept work on this non-union project" because:
"The Alliance agreement for large-budget international studio films…provides for residuals that are equivalent to those under the SAG agreement. The residuals proposed by the producers of The Hobbit are less in every respect."
According to unions, producers on the film have refused to sign union contracts.

I will be soooo upset if this movie never happens, I love LOTR!


Gloria Stuart Dies.

Gloria Stuart, who is probably most well-known for Academy Award-nominated role as the older version
of Kate Winslet in Titanic, passed away yesterday in Los Angeles.

She had just celebrated her 100th birthday in July.

Our thoughts are with her family and friends during this difficult time.

She will be greatly missed.


A Victory Against DADT, Judge Orders Air Force To Reinstate Nurse

U.S. district judge Ronald B. Leighton ruled on Friday that former Air Force Reserve flight nurse, Margaret Witt, be reinstated to her job as soon as possible after being discharged under 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell.'

The judge had called Witt and "exemplary officer" and noted that "good flight nurses were hard to find."

After the ruling, Witt said in a statement:
"I'm thrilled about the decision today. appreciate the Court's belief in the professionalism of the military. Many people forget that the U.S. military is the most diverse workforce in the world — we are extremely versed in adaptation. Thousands of men and women who are gay and lesbian honorably serve this country in our military. Wounded personnel never asked me about my sexual orientation. They were just glad to see me. I can't wait to rejoin my unit."
In his decision, Judge Leighton wrote:
"The application of 'don't ask, don’t tell' to Major Margaret Witt does not significantly further the government’s interest in promoting military readiness, unit morale and cohesion. Her discharge from the Air Force Reserves violated her substantive due process rights under the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution."
This is a huge step in defeating DADT! We hope that many more will realize just how unconstitutional this law really is.


Jon Hamm Worked In Soft Core Porn!

Unfortunately, he wasn't acting in it at the time, but we'll let our minds wander anyway!

Mad Men's Jon Hamm recently revealed that he got his start in the entertainment industry as a set dresser on a soft core porn flick - before the opportunity to act in an NYC play came and took his career in a much more notable direction!
He explains:
You gotta move cameras around, and ashtrays; and continuity is apparently an issue. I came in after another 12-hour day [on the porn film] to this message on my answer phone, and I was so exhausted and depressed and bone tired that I called her back immediately: 'Yes! I don't care what it is!' I borrowed money for a ticket and lived in New York for six weeks on about $300, stayed on a friend's couch, roller-bladed everywhere."
Of course, we're thrilled with the success he's had, but we can't help but wonder if he had stopped dressing the set and started undressing himself for something on Skinemax!

New Testimony About Prostitution Whore's Past! Drug Cartel Wanted Her DEAD After She Screwed Them Out Of $100k!

This is getting completely out of control.

Everyone knows that former Real Housewives of New Jersey castmember Danielle Staub was a drug-addicted, psychopathic prostitute who, but according to court documents regarding the $5 million defamation suit filed against her by former husband Kevin Maher, she was involved in such a bad drug ring that she nearly got herself killed by the notorious Medellin cartel!

Daniel Aguilar, who knew Danielle when she was a Miami prostitute in the 80s living under the name Angela Minelli, revealed under oath that she began hanging around his house, while he was working as an "enforcer" for the drug suppliers, and watched her do cocaine "more than 50 or 100 times."
He explains:

"We became intimate friends… she would do her drugs… and sometimes I'd wonder was she hanging out for the drugs, which most girls back then did. She started talking about, you know, 'I need to get money. I need money to do things. So she came to me and she says, 'I have this guy and he wants to buy big weight… four kilos of cocaine."
He agreed to let her do the deal, which of course, according to her, went bad, and she came back without $100,000 worth of blow claiming she'd been "ripped off."
He continued:

"Even my men were saying, 'We should just kill her. Get her out of the way. She's nothing but a prostitute and a bitch.' I cared about this woman at the time and I believed her at this point. I didn't want her life to end… I still thought that it was going to work out."
However, as we all know, the FBI intervened and that's when Staub turned her back on Aguilar, and was spared jail time for her testimony against the cartel. Aguilar, who ended up going to jail for nine years, covered her missing $100k because he still thought he loved her, which ultimately spared her life!
The deposition goes on:

"I was told by my people that she was dead. My people are my cartels. Her life was about to end. (I'm told) she's flipping (and) turned federal witness… that's when my people wanted her dead; they had called me weak for letting her live… (and) they told me, we should have had her dead to begin with. What I did was to protect her, protect me. Ain't nobody that stupid enough to make themselves publicly known after doing what they did."
We've heard a lot of fucked up things about this woman's life, but…wow. This definitely takes the cake!

Uh-oh, Prostitution Whore! It's all coming out now!

Thank goodness Bravo got rid of her when they did!

We cannot wait to hear what she has to say for herself during HER deposition in October!

House Ummm...SUCKED!

I loveee House, but Monday's season premier was sooo bad!  Like ummm I don't care to see Cuddy and House doing it like 15 times in one day (and who in the hell can even have sex that many times in 24 hours!) and I didn't like that there wasn't a real case.  I hate that all of these show now are only focusing on the characters, not what the show is actually supposed to be able, like A MEDICAL CASE!!!!  AHHHH I hope the rest of the season gets better.  I actually do not want Cuddy and House together.  She can be a bitch and he is an ass (mostly to her) and I personally liked it better when there was all the sexual tension.

The Situation Being Sued Over iPhone App

The Situation recently released an iPhone application which includes a game called Grenade Dodger, inspired by the Jersey Shore star's nickname for less-than desirable gutter trolls.

Apparently, to keep the game as 'authentic' as possible, the design company that made the game, Hey Turbo, sent photographers into clubs with instructions to take pictures of women they considered grenades to use for the feature!

However, one of the aforementioned women realized her likeness was being used, and is threatening legal action!

A source reveals:
"While the girls did know their photos were being taken, they were unaware they were about to become official grenades. It came as a complete surprise and at least one of them is now considering her legal options."
Well, I for one would LOVE to be an in iPhone App, maybe not as an ugly chick, but they should have told the girls what their photos were being used for.  I am sure some of them would not have cared at all

Ummm..Isn't Nichole Having Her Bachelorette Party A Little Early?

Nichole Riche had a bachelorette party this past weekend, yet sources are saying her and her baby daddy, Joel Madden, are not getting married until DECEMBER!  Why in the hell would you have your last night of freedom 3 months early?  Thats just dumb!  Sources say that there was scheduling conflicts for some of the guests was the reason it was this early.  Ummmm WTF! This is their friend getting married, Samantha Ronson just needs to rechedule her DJ apperience and be able to make it in December.  This is so dumb to me!

Anyway, an exact date isn't known and neither is what the bride is wearing. To be fair, the latter is Nicole's fault as she can seem to choose between the millions of options being brought to her by her stylist Simone Harouche.

Futhermore, as to the whereabouts of said nuptials, one option being tossed around is the estate of one Lionel Richie!

Well anyways, congrats to both of them on finally deciding it was time to get married!

Lone Star Is Not Cancelled!

Despite conflicting reports, sources claim that the new FOX drama at least has one more week in it, as it will remain in its current time slot for its second episode.

That might be all that they get though.  I am going home and watching the first episode tonight!

New AI Judges Give First Interview

J.Lo, Steven Tyler, and Randy Jackson gave the interview below on On Air With Ryan Seacrest and talked about what they are looking for in contestants this year.

P.S. J.Lo's first husband tried out, and the word is that he is going to be singing in front of her, and confronting her on some shit that went down in their marriage and divorce.  SCANDAL!!!!


Poor Demi, I Hope Ashton Isn't Cheating...

...but now there are texts from Ashton to his alledged mistress according to Star Magazine. 

A young woman named Brittney Jones came forward to Star Magazine to claim that she had a steamy one night stand with Ashton while Demi was off filming a movie. Since the story broke, it's really been just her word against his, but now she has some proof in the form of text messages sent to her by Ashton!

Brittney has shared their short, but incriminating conversations, one of which came from the night they first met at a bowling alley. She had slipped him her number and after a few hours, she started getting suggestive messages like, "what are u wearing now?" Then, it was via text that the scheduled their dirty rendezvous on Demi's sofa!

But the texting didn't end after that. Brittney allegedly has loads more messages from Ashton that were sent during the month that followed. In one exchange, Brittney asked when he would have the house to himself again, with Ashton replying that it could be as early as next month, but that he couldn't talk because he was "w/ my daughter."

This is so sad :(  I thought Demi and Ashton made a great couple, I hope this story isn't true.

Heidi And Spencer Have "Candid" Photo's Taken

Wow, they are so frinkin dumb!  This is just as bad as when Heidi's bikini top "fell" off and exposed her size 36 double F fake boobs!!! THEY EVEN HAVE AN OUTFIT CHANGE!!!!


Umm, I Guess I Am Glad The Flesh Colored Beard Is Gone...

THANK GOD Breaking Dawn Will NOT Be In 3D!!!

A representative from Summit Entertainment has confirmed that the final films in the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn, will NOT be shot for 3D!  Thank God!!!  Why the HELL would we want to see Kristen Stewart giving birth in 3D??  I, for one, do not want to see a baby being shot out of her whooohaaaa in 3D!!!  Harry Potter makes sense to be in 3D, but not Twilight movies...

Oh well, looking forward to seeing it still!!!

Wyclef Jean Pulls Out Of Race

It's over. It's done. Wyclef Jean no longer wants to be President of Haiti.
He made the official announcement this morning, conceding that his bid was rejected by the Haitian elders and he had no more fight left in him. In his statement, he explained:
"After weeks of quiet but painstaking reflection with my wife and daughter, I have chosen to end my bid for the presidency of Haiti. This was not an easy conclusion to reach; but it is one that was thoughtfully made…Though my run for the presidency was cut short, I feel it was not in vain."

Well, seeing as you haven't lived in Haiti for YEARSSS I am guessing this is a good thing.  Just make some more music and I will be happy...another Dance Like This perhaps :)

Drew Barrymore Is Going Bollywood

Drew Barrymore is reportedly the latest to take a role in an Indian film, called The Lifestyle!

According to director Santosh Kumar Jain....
"I really liked her performance in Charlie's Angels and decided to cast her in my film. Fortunately, she liked the script and agreed instantly. The film is about three women from different walks of life, trying to assert their identities. Drew plays the role of a foreigner in the film. The other two will be top Indian actresses."

Well Congrats Drew!!  Love your movies and looking forward to hear more about the movie!!!!

Michael Cera's Acting School Promo

Check this out for Michael Cera's Acting School!!!

Jesse James Exs Go At It!

Jesse James' first ex wife, Janine Lindemulder, has filed legal documents against his second ex-wife, Sandra Bullock, for allegedly bad-mouthing Janine in front of her daughter, Sunny.

The story goes that Janine was in the car with Sunny recently when she told her kid it was wrong lie. Realizing the irony in that statement, her young daughter called her mother out on the spot, saying that she was the one who was the liar. Sunny then allegedly said, "Sandy said that you lied to the police and that's why you went to jail."

And with one sentence, the hairs on the back of Janine's neck went straight up and the gears in her head started to turn and she came up with a devious plan to not only get attention, but to pester someone who actually takes of her child some more.

Course, this isn't the first time that this has happened and perhaps Sandra is talking smack, but lets get real: hasn't she earned the right to be pissed off at these people? Maybe if Sunny was spending more time with her DADDY, she wouldn't overhear such things!

Olivia Wilde Taking Break From House, Making Films A Priority

OH NOOOO!!! This is only one of my favorite shows, and Olivia Wilde's character Thirteen played such a major role in the show!

Series creator David Shore said this...

“It’s going to be a while unfortunately. We love her but it is going to be a while. It’s going to be this season, but well into this season, She called us up and said she wanted to do [The Change Up]. And it just so happened that what we had worked out storyline-wise allowed her a couple of extra episodes [off]. So that movie just filled in the gap. There were no further adjustments to her schedule as a result of that.”

Olivia will make an appearance on the season premiere, but that's it for a while.

Sad day :(

Lindsay Lohan Could Not Get Any Dumber!!!

Lindsay is living in a make believe world!!!!! An insider close to Lindsay isn't very surprised by the news, as they explain that Lindsay never took her rehab visit very seriously, hopped right back into the party scene right after her release and told friends that she was surprised that a line of coke would show up on her drug test!

WTF is wrong with her?!  Can her for serious be this dumb?!

The insider reveals...
"She says she has regrets this time [about doing drugs while on probation]. I was shocked she actually said she did have regrets, but she’s finally met her match this time with the court system, because she’s not in control of the situation. She’s being treated like anyone else. I’m sure the judge will be hard on her.”
The insider goes to to say that they were there the night Lindsay snorted her comeback away, revealing...
“She lives in this fantasy land, where she thinks, ‘A line of coke won’t show up in my system,’ She has this sense of entitlement that rules don’t apply. I just don’t get it. It’s sad, more than anything else. She didn’t have to get high that night [that prompted the first failed drug test]. No one shoved coke up her nose. Anything could have been less worse than coke; even weed or taking a shot [of alcohol]. She had the world at her fingertips. It breaks my heart. When she went to jail, everyone was sort of hoping that was going to be it.”

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Together In New Orleans

A little while ago, Pattinson took off on a road trip from LA to visit her boo Stewart on the set of her new movie On The Road.  This is the second time he has gone to see her on the set. 

A source claims...
“Rob visited Kristen on set, but he wasn’t in the way. He was very professional while she was filming – he obviously knows the process. Everyone on the crew loved him. He was chatty, mostly talking about sports, London and getting ready for the next Twilight film. He couldn’t stop staying how happy he was to have some time off and how relaxed he felt!
Rob and Kristen would hang out on-set more times than not, but they also spent time in her trailer. There was no real canoodling or PDA’ing, but it was obvious they were together, a couple.
Kristen has a place that she’s staying at, but very few crew members know the location. At the end of each of the three days, she and Rob would leave together; because there were quick turnarounds for the day everyone just assumed they went straight home. They would return together to the set in the mornings.”
Pattinson is leaving shortly to go start filiming Breaking Dawn in London, but Stewart will join him shortly!

Senate Blocks Repeal Of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

WTF!!!!! Even after Lady Gaga tried so hard, the Senate said they will not overturn the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy in our military. 

One difficulty with this bill (although it shouldn’t be a problem) is that it was not just about “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” There was a provision in it that would allow children brought to this country illegally by their parents to qualify for citizenship. We support this section of this bill, but apparently some senators enjoy denying children privileges they shouldn’t have to fight for.

Senators who voted against this bill and yet still claim to “support the troops” are hypocrites. If you can’t honor men and women serving their country by offering them equal rights in the military, you should step down from your position and let someone who isn’t corrupted by personal phobias and biases take your place.

Although I am not gay, I am in full support of everyone having the same rights, not matter what age, sex, religion, race, sexuality, etc. that you are.  This policy is bull and need to be overturned.  It is not fair that when good people want to fight for our freedoms and country, that are not allowed simply because of who they love. 

This sickens me!

Bryan Masche, Of Raising Sextuplets, Claims He Is Not A Criminal Because He Has A Job

What A douche and a half!!!  Bryan Masche was arrested on charges of threatening domestic violence against his wife Jenny.  He is claiming to the press that he is INNOCENT!

Here is what he had to say...

“I’m not a criminal. Look at my record - I was in the United States Air Force for eight years before working in pharmaceuticals. Now, I’m running my own finance company. At the moment I don’t want to comment further on this incident.”

I'm sorry sweetie, but just because you have yourself a job does NOT mean you are not guilty of messing up!!!  There are lots and lots of CEO's of major businesses that wind up in jail because they stole money or something, does that mean because they have a really really good job that they are really really innocent?  Of course not!

Steve Jobs Doesn't Like College Journalists

Check out this report from Good Morning America about one student's email to the billionaire that got right under his skin!

Law & Order: Criminal Intent Gets Final Season

Although there is some casting changes this season, Law & Order: Criminal Intent is on its last season.  There will be 10 episodes.

Jeff Wachtel, president original programming at the network, said...
“We have been the fortunate caretakers of this legendary series, and we plan to give it the world-class farewell it so richly deserves. Dick and his team promise to create a major event for television with incredible surprises. The plan is for this to be the series finale, but with a Dick Wolf franchise, one really never knows until it’s over.”

A Statement From Bono's Charity

Contrary to the suggestion in the New York Post yesterday, ONE does not fundraise from the general public and we are not a grant-making organization. We are funded almost entirely by a handful of philanthropists on our board of directors to raise awareness and pressure political leaders to fight extreme poverty through smart and effective policies and programs, like the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria, which is saving 4,000 lives a day.
ONE has nearly 120 staff in the US, UK, Germany, Brussels, France, Nigeria and South Africa whose job it is to fight for funding for effective programs like the Fund and the US global AIDS program PEPFAR. As a result of those programs, today more than 4 million Africans have access to life-saving AIDS medication, up from only 50,000 people in 2002. Malaria deaths have been cut in half in countries across Africa in less than 2 years.
As other examples of our work, ONE helped successfully press for debt relief for Haiti after the devastating earthquake there and we recently played an important role in the passage of a law in the US requiring oil companies to report any payments to government officials – an effort to end backhanded deals between energy companies and corrupt politicians that hurt people in poor countries.
ONE has been a relentless advocate for these programs and policies and we have used the media spotlight to ensure world leaders keep their commitments. The media kits that were mentioned in the New York Post article, which were produced for far less than was cited and delivered by staff and volunteers, not a messenger service, were an effort to focus reporters on the Millennium Development Goals, a set of promises world leaders made to cut poverty, hunger and disease by 2015.
In hindsight, the kits were not the best way to gain attention for the issues and we regret that sending them distracted from the work we are trying to do and the issues we care about.


Shia LaBeouf And ‘Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps’ Cast Ring Nasdaq Bell

Shia LeBeouf, Oliver Stone, Carey Mulligan, Josh Brolin and other cast members of ‘Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps’ were on hand to ring the opening bell at the NASDAQ MarketSite New York City today.

The stars were on hand to help promote their new movie, ‘Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps’ a sequel to the 1987 film ‘Wall Street’ that starred Michael Douglas in his Academy Award winning role as Gordon Gekko. The sequel opens this Friday, September 24th and follows Douglas’s character of Gekko as he leaves prison and attempts to help Wall Street before its crash, as well as help LeBeouf’s character find out who killed his mentor.

Douglas was absent from the festivities and currently undergoing treatment for throat cancer. He recently said that he blames his cancer on his drinking.

Arrest Warrant Issued For Lindsay Lohan!!!!

As of this morning, Lindsay Lohan's probation has been revoked and a warrant for her arrest has been issued. Now, Lindsay is court ordered to appear in front of the mercy of Judge Fox on Friday morning. Along with her warrant, the probation report was filed, confirming that she tested positive for both coke and meth.

Well, finally they are going to treat these celebs like normal people.  If you or me were found with coke or meth, we would be in jail AND rehab for the maximum amount of time.  The only want she is going to learn is if she gets treated just like everyone else!

Lindsay Lohan Is Having Money Trouble

A source is saying....

"Lindsay is in serious trouble financially. Dina is struggling to make ends meet and pay Lindsay's lawyers and this latest development doesn't help things. Everyone thinks the Lohan family is so well-off, but if they knew the truth, it would be shocking.
She's in a tight spot, the family's in a tight spot. It's really a very sad situation."
Well, I guess her new movie that is supposed to start shooting, Inferno, wont help, because the producers are irritated with her behavior.

Oh well, looks like rehab and jail could be a good thing for longer then 30 days total.  It would give her money troubles time to be sorted out.

Jason, From The Hills, Relapses

Jason was just finished filming the latest season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, and already had a relapse.  Jeeze, these "celebs" needs to get these habits under control!!! 

Sources are reporting that as of last week, people have seen much non-improvement in his behavior. He was seen partying at both Boa and Katsuya, while allegedly looking to one of his former Celebrity Rehab buddies for someplace to live!

I guess the "buddies" were smart because they all turned him down.  They told sources that Jason's behavior was totally "erratic" and that it was "clear his sobriety is no longer important to him."

Hopefully he can get this behavior under control, isn't this like the 10th time he has been in rehab??

Chyna Sent to UCLA Medical Center For Alochol Poisioning

Chyna, former wrestler and on the TV show Celebrity Rehab, was sent to UCLA Medical Center this morning for alochol poisioning.  She has battled with drinking and alocholism for years, and this is a relapse from her time on Celebrity Rehab.  Her condition is still unknown.

Jeff Miranda seen with Jersey Shore's Angelina

Jeff Miranda, Snooki's ex-boyfriend will pretty much do anything to get his, well 5 minutes of fame (he is not even worth 15 minutes!).  Souces say that he has been visiting Staten Island, where Angelina lives, frequently.  The two were seen getting cozy while at Jersey's 118 Lounge and out to dinner the following night.  The real shocker though was when Miranda was asked if him and Angelina were "smooshing" he had no comment. 

WTF! One second you want your name to be every where, and now you have no comment about you hooking up with the girl who you said before wanted you so badly!!!!  What kind of Z-List star are you???? And why would you want to be with a girl who just hit you over the head with a microphone just last week?  GET A LIFE JEFF!!!!!

Russell Brand's Arrest May Affect His US Visa

Officals investigating the incident I earlier reported said that because of his arrest, his US Visa may be revoked.  That means he will no longer be able to work, and live in the US. 

A spokes person for the US Citizen and Immigration Service said this....

"We are looking into this…A charge of battery could result in a conviction for an aggravated felony. Any kind of criminal conviction can lead to a visa being revoked. If a visa is revoked, the person will then be placed in deportation proceedings and this could lead to them being asked to leave the country and not return."

Well, for Katy's sake, I hope they do not take it away :(

X-Factor Contestant Is An Escort!

Chloe Heald aka Chloe Victoria, can be seen on the XXX website adultwork.com, and describes herself as a "100% English Yorkshire dirty slut" available for "outcalls around Yorkshire!!"

She previously charged £160 an hour, however since her popularity has risen after appearing on X Factor, she has raised her rates to £250 an hour or £600 for three, or £1200 for an overnight!!

She told a reporter that she has had a few famous clients "There are TV personalities, footballers, solicitors, even coppers. They aren't sleazy - sleazy people can't afford £250 an hour."

Holy Crap Girl!!!!  Simon Cowell, the shows producer and judge, said he plans to confront her about this, especially since she starting doing this AFTER her audition for the show. She most recently logged into the site less then a week ago!

Her online profile reads....
I stand tall at 5ft 8, lovely toned body and stunning face, I love to wear the most daring outfits so if this is your thing, please do say, hehe, I can fulfil every fantasy with my dirty mind so what you waiting for drop me a email babes or send a escort booking request!

Girl, please, get your act together!  You are 19 years old, and have an almost two year old to worry about.  Your child and legal career should be what you are focused out, not making a fast grand for whoring yourself out!!!!


Katy Perry Gets Vegas Bachelorete Party!!!!

Rihanna treated her best friend/bride-to-be to an amazingggg bachelorette party in Vegas over the weekend. 

Along with 25 of their friends, the two showed up at KA by Cirque du Soleil in a stretch Hummer convertible at the MGM Grand and later posed with the freakish cirque acts backstage.  After the show, the group headed to a top-secret location.

While in Vegas, Katy tweeted that she was "signing up for a liver transplant now…"

Sounds like a great time!!!  I wish Katy and her man the best!!

Will Lindsay Lohan Ever Stop?

After learning about her failed drug test on Friday afternoon, Lindsay Lohan was spotted partyingggg out in Los Angeles.  She had spent the day at a photoshoot, and then was out with a friend in observance of Yom Kippur (too bad you are not supposed to work during this holiday lol).  After this, she was out at the usual party scene.

Her friends say that she has not changed at all, that rehab and jail have not changed her one bit.  Her friends also said "She did not work the steps inside the program, and did come not out changed whatsoever. She's exactly the same girl as before jail time and rehab."

Well, maybe if they would have kept her in jail AND rehab for the whole 90 days and 90 days, she would have made a little progress.  It makes me sick that everyone keeps letting her get away with this and gives her jobs.  OMG Lindsay, GROW THE HELL UP!!!!  You should be thankful for what you have and what you get to do for a living.  Maybe you should leave Hollywood, and let another deserving young actress take your spot!  Gosh, this all needs to stop!!!!

Ben Affleck's The Town Takes Number One Spot At The Box Office

The Town took the number one spot this weekend taking in $23.8 million.  Holy Moly, that's a lot. 

Easy A took the number two spot with $18.2 million.  I just got back from this movie, and it was AMAZINGGGG!!!!!!!!

"I gotta V where you want to see a P..."  Best Quote Ever!

Rikki Lake's Home Burns Down

On Saturday, Rikki Lake's rental home in Malibu burned to the ground after a couch caught on fire.  Luckily, her two sons, dog, and herself were able to make it out ok.  Her rep says that she "lost many personal items, but is grateful that everyone is okay." She is currently staying with friends.  The couch caught on fire when she was trying to refill a portable heater.

Our thoughts go out to her and her family.

Well, Kim Kardashian and Her Latest Man Are Off Again

According to sources, Kim and Miles Austin, of the Dallas Cowboys, "broke up about a week ago."  The source adds that Kim is "taking a break" and "it’s typical after a break up for Kim to take some time by herself."

Well since Kim K does this about EVERY OTHER WEEK, we are sure they will be back together soon after she gets back from Paris

Lindsay Lohan's Failed Drug Test May Stop Production of Inferno

Because of Lindsay's recent failed drug tests, she will most likely end up back in jail.  I mean I can bet money she will NOT complete all of the 30 days, or the multiple sentences, but none the less, this is going to effect the filming of her movie, Inferno.

Since the film is being done in Louisiana, and she will have to serve jail time in Los Angeles, this may keep the film from ever being finished at this pace. 

Sources say that producers are angry with Lindsay and are "beyond irritated by the recent developments. "There is a concern of her commitment to the work."

Well um, no duh they should be concerned.  I mean don't most porn stars do drugs, maybe they could just say she was doing research to play Linda Lovelace.


Paris Pleads Guilty To Avoid Jail Time

Paris pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor drug possession and obstructing an officer in order to avoid a felony cocaine charge.  The plea agreement also says that she must complete a drug abuse program, pay a $2,000 fine and serve 200 hours of community service.  The reason that he obstructing an officer charge was added was because it was figured out that Paris was lying when she said that the bag was not hers.  They figured this out because the dumb ass had tweeted a picture of the bag a month earlier exclaiming how excited she was that she got a bag.  Well isn't she a smart cookie.  It also probably didn't help that she said the coke was CHEWING GUM!!!! WTF! She should go to jail, at least we wouldn't have to hear about her bull shit for a little bit...

Miley Cyrus Hits A Car, and Takes Off

Well, at least she left them her number.....Miley was driving her moms Mercedes SUV when she hit a 1991 Toyota Camry, and totaled it! Well I guess being such an old car, that is not hard to do.  She was at an LA restaurant when a valet witnessed Miley hit the car, leave her number, and speed off.  According to sources, the man whose car she hit has hired an attorney.  Miley, Miley, Miley, I am sure that if you would have just stayed, taken a picture and given an autograph, this whole thing would have been dropped.

Katy Perry Tweets About Russell's Arrest

Russell Brand was arrested for fighting a paparazzi after he tried to take a picture up Katy's dress and was getting in their faces.  After his arrest, Katy took to Twitter to respond...

"If you cross the line & try an put a lens up my dress, my fiancé will do his job & protect me. #standbyyourman #don'tfuckwiththeBrands."
Yeah Katy, stick up for your man.  After all, he did get arrested to defend your honor.  More men need to be like Russell Brand, well the defending your lady part at least.

Lisdnay Fails MULTIPULE Drug Tests!

During the past week, our favorite train wreck, Lindsay Lohan failed several drug tests. She tested positive for cocaine in one, but we are not sure about the others. She, well her PR representative, released this statement....

Regrettably, I did in fact fail my most recent drug test and if I am asked, I am prepared to appear before judge Fox next week as a result.
Substance abuse is a disease, which unfortunately doesn't go away over night. I am working hard to overcome it and am taking positive steps forward every day. I am testing every single day and doing what I must do to prevent any mishaps in the future.
This was certainly a setback for me but I am taking responsibility for my actions and I'm prepared to face the consequences.
I am so thankful for the support of my fans, loved ones and immediate family, who understand that i am trying hard, but also that I am a work in progress, just as anyone else. I am keeping my faith, and I am hopeful….Thank you all!!!
For failing a drug test, she is supposed to serve 30 days in jail.  So does that mean for EACH one she gets 30 days?  Lets hope so.  She needs some help, and she needs it fast!!!!  I think jail can only help this poor girl.


Listen To Gaga

I think this is a very worthwhile cause, something that I am going to get involved in.  Lady Gaga may have her crazy moments, but take a few minutes to listen to what she has to say  Everything is heartbreaking and makes you want to step up. 


If you're unavailable, the SLDN is asking you to call the Capitol switchboard (202) 224-3121 and say the following:
–Tell your senators to vote with Sen. Reid and Sen. Carl Levin in opposing the filibuster, defeat amendments to strike repeal, and defeat any crippling amendments.
–Senators should follow the lead of Sen. Carl Levin who will be managing the defense bill.
–It is critical that the vote on “final passage” takes place before senators leave for the election recess.



So, I am a hugeeeeeee Glee fan, and I just saw that they released the first song of the season....Empire State of Mind...Check it out :)

Here is some more!!!!!



So last night I stayed up past my usual 10:00 pm bed time to watch the VMA's on MTV....Let me just say OMGGGG I loved them!

First off, I love love love Chelsea Handler.  Her and I have a half-jew bond :)  She is so funny and I loved everything she said.  When she got into the hot tub with the people from Jersey Shore and came out pregnant, omg wayyy too funny.  People keep saying they didn't like her, but I thought she rocked.  I don't know, maybe its our jewish bond that makes me like her, but my boyfriend also thought she was funny.  I don't get why people didn't like her, she was saying the same type of stuff she does about celebrities on her show, Chelsea Lately, but she just didn't have other people there also commenting.  The part where she did the meet and greet for the Best New Artist Award was funny.  When she did the voice changer thing like Jason Derulo does in every song, I thought that was clever.  I mean everyone makes fun of him for it anyways.  Also, when she said she wanted to party with Ke$ha, I mean Chelsea talks about vodka all the time anyways!  OMG, and when she walked out with the house on her head and released the dove, priceless.  She does such a good job of making fun of these celebrities and all the crazy stuff they do.  Everyone knows Lady Gaga's hats are crazy, but we all love her for it.  Chelsea hit the nail right on the head if you ask me :)

Now, lets move on to some of the performances.  Eminem is amazing!  He lives down the street from me in Michigan, and honestly, if you are from anywhere near Detroit, you just have to like him.  He is so talented and he isn't just another "rap artist" who raps about "smoking the blunt" or "getting some action" or whatever else these degrading rappers decide to talk about.  No, he talks about real life, and writes from person experiences.  Yes, he has had a few songs about sex, but the two he did last night, Not Afarid, and Love the Way You Lie, they are such great songs.  Rihanna on the other hand, was a hot frickin mess.  She looked like the bride of chucky, only worse.  Holy shit people, why would you let her go onstage like that.  Her wig was a hot mess, her shirt looked like it went threw a shredder, her skirt looks like the tu-tu I wore when I was three in ballet class, and then ARMY BOOTS!  Hell no!  She also sounded like crap, just saying.

Oh, I forgot to even mention the first performers, Nikki Minaj and will.i.am...umm because they sucked!  I used to like Nikki Minaj, until I saw her.  Her voice does not match what she looked like, plus she sucks like.  What was with the spandex jump suit and cotten candy hair.  That pink hair only works on Frenchie from Grease and P!nk girl!  will.i.am. just looked like he fell into tar.  I hardly even remember them performing it was so bad!

Next was my little ball of love, JUSTIN BIEBER!  Well we all know I gots major Bieberfever, so when I saw him pull up in his cute little car and jump out, I almost started crying.  I wish my boyfriend would have taken a picture of me jumping up and down on my bed screaming and dancing.  He is so cute, and so damn talented.  Everyone thinks he will just die out after his voice changes, HELL NO, not my little Bieber.  Think about all the singers now, who started when they were pre-puberity, and are still amazing....
  • Justin Timberlake
  • Usher
  • Jesse McCartney
  • David Archuleta
And who knew he was so talented with dancing and the drums.  So cute, I cannot wait for him to be 18 so I can marry him :)  I also think the Kim Kardashian thing, with the restraining order, was super funny too.  Everyone needs to back off on them, is it really that big of a deal that they did a PHOTOSHOOT together?!

Now Usher, I love his music, and usually like his performances, but I swear to you he has done this show before.  He has lasers in his Love in This Club video, and like 7 others, not to mention at every single performance he has done.  I feel like he needs to change his style.  Justin Bieber, whom he mentors, did wayyy better then him.  I like the song O.M.G, but I was updating my facebook status threw half of his song, because although it was great to listen to, nothing super exciting and the performance.

T.Swizzle, I love you girl, but I was not a huge fan of this performance.  It was good that you tried to address the Kayne issue, but I don't like when artists only sing one song, and its not a song that is a hit.  She should have done Mine, or Fifteeen.  I really don't have too much to say about her, only because I love her music, and don't want to talk down on her.

Oh Jimmy, I mean Aubrey, I mean DRAKE.  Omg too many names for one person.  I seriously will always see him as Jimmy, the nice boy, who got shot, while dating Ashley, on Degrassi.  I understand that people should not be seen as one character for their whole life, but I mean, Jimmy did not rap about "getting bitches" and "kush rollin".  It is a disappointment.  I mean, I listen to some of his music, but like Taylor Swift, I did not know this song, therefore, I honestly didn't care.  Most people who listen to music, just listen to songs by the artist that are on the radio, and working for a radio station, I have never heard this one.  Mary J Blige is amazinggg though :)

I am going to lump the next few performance into one, because I did not care for them too much.  I like B.o.B. and I like Paramore, but both performance sucked!  B.o.B. only sang one line from two songs, and Paramore only did one verse.  BORINGGG!!!!  Who even needed that performance.  I would have rather seen Lady Gaga.  Also, Linkin Park, they are good, I have seen them live, but I think they replaces one member of the band, and it just was not all that exciting.  A lot of performers did slow songs on the VMA's, and I'm not sure why.

And lastly, the big pink (well in his case with that god awful suit, red) elephant in the room, the douche himself we should all toast to, Kanye West.  What a loser!!!!  I mean I guess his song had some good lines, but "Lets toast to the douche bags?" WTF was he thinking.  He should have stuck with a classic, like Gold Digger with my big lump of Milk Chocolatly goodness, Jamie Foxx.  Kayne needs a life besides writing songs for T.Swift that she doesn't want to play, and singing about ass holes.  Someone get him a new hobby!  And what a WASTE of those poor girls ballet training.   I don't think people who have not been dancers understand how much money it takes to be trained.  Its years and years of money, classes, performances, costumes, only to be wasted on Kayne.

Now lets talk about my fave, Lady Gaga!  Her outfits were amazing.  She looked so beautiful, and she talked about such a good cause, getting rid of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy for gays in the military.  She uses her fame to shine light on these issues, that would not usually get any attention.  Well, her outfits...

Alexander McQueen Dress
Franc Fernandez Dress Made of Meat
I was SHOCKED she only wore 3 outfits, and all of them were tame.  I mean the meat was a little out there, but she already wore a meat outfit on the cover of Rolling Store about a month ago.  I was soooo happy that she won every award she was up for :)  You go Fame Monster!!!!!

Thats all for now.  Will update again later :)