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So, I'm Katharine, not Bambi. Bambi is my stripper name. Yes, I know, very origional. This blog is all about my view, on whatever I see. Hope you all enjoy :)


House Ummm...SUCKED!

I loveee House, but Monday's season premier was sooo bad!  Like ummm I don't care to see Cuddy and House doing it like 15 times in one day (and who in the hell can even have sex that many times in 24 hours!) and I didn't like that there wasn't a real case.  I hate that all of these show now are only focusing on the characters, not what the show is actually supposed to be able, like A MEDICAL CASE!!!!  AHHHH I hope the rest of the season gets better.  I actually do not want Cuddy and House together.  She can be a bitch and he is an ass (mostly to her) and I personally liked it better when there was all the sexual tension.

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