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Poor Demi, I Hope Ashton Isn't Cheating...

...but now there are texts from Ashton to his alledged mistress according to Star Magazine. 

A young woman named Brittney Jones came forward to Star Magazine to claim that she had a steamy one night stand with Ashton while Demi was off filming a movie. Since the story broke, it's really been just her word against his, but now she has some proof in the form of text messages sent to her by Ashton!

Brittney has shared their short, but incriminating conversations, one of which came from the night they first met at a bowling alley. She had slipped him her number and after a few hours, she started getting suggestive messages like, "what are u wearing now?" Then, it was via text that the scheduled their dirty rendezvous on Demi's sofa!

But the texting didn't end after that. Brittney allegedly has loads more messages from Ashton that were sent during the month that followed. In one exchange, Brittney asked when he would have the house to himself again, with Ashton replying that it could be as early as next month, but that he couldn't talk because he was "w/ my daughter."

This is so sad :(  I thought Demi and Ashton made a great couple, I hope this story isn't true.

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