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So, I'm Katharine, not Bambi. Bambi is my stripper name. Yes, I know, very origional. This blog is all about my view, on whatever I see. Hope you all enjoy :)


Wheat Thins Commericals

So the other day, while watching Project Runway online, I saw a great commerical.  It was for Wheat Thins.  People Tweet what they are doing with their Wheat Thins, and a few win a years supply of Wheat Thins...

They were soooo cool and a great way for Wheat Thins to get fans of their product involved in the advertising.  Also, say you have 50 followers on Twitter, thats means 50 people saw that you like Wheat Thins, then they talk about it, then another 50 people see Wheat Thins in Tweets and so on.

Check them out....

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