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Is One Of The Teen Mom's Preggers Again?

Oh no. We're going to give this girl the benefit of the doubt and believe this was unplanned. She's still just a baby herself - and she already has one little one she can't take care of!

Life & Style is reporting that Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has gotten pregnant while on vacation with her daughter Leah and sometimes fiancee, Gary. Source claim to the mag that Gary is actually the one telling people she is knocked up!

Jordan Sanchez, Gary's "best friend" confirmed the news to the source, but adds a twist to the story:
"Yes, I've heard that Amber is pregnant…Amber has been with at least one other guy while she's still with Gary. She likes to explore."
Uh-oh! Page Maury Povich and his magic DNA machine! Cross promotion!

Then again, Jordan also claims that Amber could not be pregnant at all. This could be just another one of her "manipulations" she is so famous for.

Well, you'll no for sure in a few months when she either blows or doesn't blow up in the tummy region!

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