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Lindsay Should Not Be Working

This is not the right time to be thinking about your next career move.

Despite the fact that Lindsay Lohan's team has been scrambling to find work for her by setting up meetings, organizing fashion projects, and reading countless scripts so that she has a job when she leaves rehab, those closest to the starlet say that she needs to "focus on herself."

A friend says:
"[Lindsay] shouldn’t be working the first week. She shouldn’t be working the first couple months. She needs to be attending daily meetings to stay on track for sobriety. Lindsay needs to focus on herself for some time."
She still has a couple months before her January 3, 2011 release date so she definitely has time to start making some important decisions.

However, we agree. Lindsay needs to stop messing around. Even her probation officer has mentioned that Lindsay said that her "lifestyle" is filled with temptation.

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