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Don't Break T-Swizzles Heart Boys!!!

While talking about her new album, Speak Now, Taylor Swift, revealed that she will never stop taking material from her life.

She said:
"It sort of is what it is. I've had this formula for a long time that I've kind of applied to my music.
If I continue to write music about my life and my life is always changing, then my music is always changing. And if I change that whole process of writing music, that entire process of writing songs in my bedroom about what I'm going through at that moment — because the only way I know how to understand pain or move past it is to write songs about it — if I change that, I'm really more changing a part of who I am. And I don't really want to start doing that.
It's understandable [having reservations about dating her], but … I've never kept quiet the fact that I write songs about people. It's like, this is album number three. You guys have had fair warning!"
Ha. At least she's straight forward!

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