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David Arquette Talks Sex With His New Girl

Maybe your big mouth is the reason you're in a "trial separation!"

While Courteney Cox has stayed mum thus far on her split with hubby David Arquette, David is seeing his opportunity to finally be worth interviewing again.

With that in mind, he called up the Howard Stern Show to pathetically explain EVERYTHING about his split with Court and provide some TMI details in the process.

For one, he wants us all to know that he has not had sex in 4 months. That's important because he recently did have sex, with that girl who deck out Lindsay Lohan on her birthday, Jasmine Waltz, or as she is known to him as his "one conquest."

Easy, buddy! She's not Mount Everest!

The trouble for the couple apparently started around the time arrived in Michigan to start shooting Scream 4 and it was Courteney who insisted on the separation. Apparently, she told David she was "tired of being your mother."

Ouch! Wow! Hit right in the go there!

Here more about David's "conquest" and his split with Courteney in the video!

This is kind of tasteless, going on air and talking about the woman you are banging while being a part from your wife. We expected a bit more from you, David.

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