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Lindsay's Lawyers Are Expecting The Worst Friday

This Friday, things are about to get real for Lindsay Lohan.

Looks like this time around, Lindsay's lawyers have lost quite a bit of their optimism, and frankly we can't blame them!

A source has said that Lindsay's attorney Shawn Chapman Holley has been making every effort to get face time with Judge Elden Fox before the hearing, but to no avail.
Here's what the source had to say about it:
"The judge won't meet with Shawn ahead of time to say what he is planning. They were hoping he'll give her 30 more days at Betty Ford, but because of this odd silence, they are kind of expecting the worst from him."
Not a great sign for Lindsay. Sounds like she may not be able to avoid a jail sentence this time around.
Guess we'll see what happens. One way or another, we hope she'll start to grasp the severity of her situation.

Here is hoping she learns her lesson!

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