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T.I Will Not Be Going To Jail

According to officials, he's doing enough time as it is.

You'll recall that last Septemeber, T.I. and his wife were busted for possession of a controlled substance.

This was a big no-no for T.I. as he is still on probation from his last offense.

However, the D.A.'s office has confirmed today that the rapper won't be facing any drug arrest charges in his case because he's already serving time behind bars as the arrest was a violation of his federal probation.

Now that's a lucky break onto itself, but it seems law enforcement insiders have also clued into some significant legal issues stemming for the night of T.I.'s arrest. For one thing, the cops who caught T.I. reported smelling marijuana, but none was ever submitted as evidence. Then, when T.I. made the illegal U-turn with his Maybach, he was reportedly pulled out of his vehicle without a registration check.

A double whammy offense by the coppers!


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