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Lindsay Could Spend Up To A Year In Jail

According to sources, Judge Elden Fox, who is overseeing her probation violation hearing, could sentence her to a year in jail, if he felt so inclined … and considering his last ruling in this case, we don't see him holding back!

The deal is, Fox has demanded that Lindsay appear at Friday's hearing, despite the fact that she is currently in rehab. This has her lawyers "concerned" that Fox plans to go "above and beyond" his previous agreement that he would give her 30 days behind bars and instead, simply terminate her probation. By doing this, Lindsay is automatically charged with one year in prison! (Minus the time she already served in Lynwood, so it'd be more like 4 or 5 months.)

Now, we personally think this could be a good thing for her. Yes, she needs help, but she also needs to face some serious consequences. A few months in jail might whip her hair back in shape. A source close to the Lohan clan agrees with us, explaining:
“I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets a year in jail and serves six months. I think everyone close to her would like to see her go back to rehab, but there’s an overwhelming feeling that something is going to happen to Lindsay if she doesn’t go away for a long time, so they’re reconciling with the fact that she could go to jail for a while. People are scared.”
They should be scared. Prison is not a vacation and that's the point. If we really thought she was getting better at Betty Ford, maybe we would think differently. We'll just have to see what kind of shape she is in come Friday.

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