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Boy Scouts Hate The Gays Too!!!!!!

How narrow-minded can people get?!

A gay father in Dallas was humiliated this week after his community decided he could no longer serve as leader in his 9-year-old's Cub Scout pack because he's gay!

Jon Langbert has spent the last two years devoted to the pack and his son, helping however he could and aiding in their lucrative popcorn fundraiser for the group. But at last month's scout meeting, someone complained about his homosexuality and he's since been asked to step down from his position. Needless to say, Jon is upset. He told the press:
"What message does that send to my son? It says I'm a second-class citizen."
Robert McTaggart, the Cubmaster for the pack, let Jon know that he would still be allow to participate in the popcorn fundraiser. Apparently, Jon is still good enough to hock their merchandise, just not good enough to wear their uniform.

Ugh! Awful!

The Boys Scouts of America has had a long-standing policy that rejects not only leaders who are gay, but also atheist. One of the leaders of the Scouts organization explained:
"Our policy is not meant to serve as social commentary outside the Scout program. We respect people who have a different opinion from us. We just hope those same people will respect our right to have a different opinion."
You want people to respect you for being hateful for no reason? Are you looking for understanding when you can't muster enough up yourselves?!

Shame on you for making that devoted father feel like he wasn't worthy to be apart of your group and for confusing that young boy! What a terrible example you are setting for all of those children, showing that being different is a punishable crime!

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