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Teen Mom Wants To Move To Hollywood

Star Magazine is reporting that Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is planning a big move from her small town in Iowa to Hollywood. Sources close to the young mother, including her baby Sophia's paternal grandmother, Stormie Clark, claim that Farrah ""telling everyone that she's moving to L.A."
Another sources close to Farrah and Sophia adds:
“Farrah wants to become an actress and has been consulting a publicist/manager for advice on how to make her move, hire an agent and get a complete makeover. Her head has gotten so ridiculously big since Teen Mom became a hit — Farrah's confident she's going to be famous!"

OMG!  Seriously how about focusing on your daughter, and a REAL life.  Don't rely on your 15 minutes of fame to try and become an actress.  How about finishing up cooking school and become a chef and opening your own restaurant like you said you wanted to!

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