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Camille Grammer Is Back!!!

 The lastest rumor is that Camille Grammer will be returning to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast for season 2.  Insiders said that today she struck a deal with the network Bravo, but souces say that she may not get all of her demands.  And what might those be?  More nannies (since she already has 4 plus a house manager and a personal assistant)?  Bigger boobs (since she claims hers are real)?  Another washed up actor husband who likes to dress in drag?  Who knows!!! 

I hope she stays.  I am ADDICTED to this show, and she is the driving force in the housewives drama.  Without her, everyone would be pretty normal, and basically free of drama.  Yes, a few are having marriage problems, Taylor's daughter has allergies, Kim needs a husband, but I can walk down the street and hear all of that boring drama.  If she leaves, I am SUREEE their rating will drop.

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