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Brian Austin Green Talks About Past Split From Megan Fox

Since Brian Austin Green first began dating Megan Fox when she was only 18-years-old, the two briefly split in 2009 to give her a little space.
But it seemed to have worked out for the best! They're going strong till this day…
Green said:
“The reality is, she was 18 when I met her and she went through an enormous change in her life… just her career in general and going from being a girl who — when I met her, she was living in New York doing Hope & Faith and we’d go to restaurants and I was the person everybody would recognize and point and laugh at or whatever.
And all of a sudden that turned around and she couldn’t go anywhere and her name and her face were everywhere. So, she went through the natural period of, ‘I’m not sure if I’m ready to be in such a settled relationship.'
I didn’t want her to feel like she was stuck because she said she wanted to be in a relationship to begin with and we just never really went in different directions. We’d say, ‘Oh, let’s kind of take a break and see what’s going on.’ It always came back together.
I have an eight-year-old, he was two at the time, when Megan and I met. She helped me raise him and it’s a huge responsibility. There was a lot to it. She’s amazing.”

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