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Teen Mom Is In Danger!!!!!

Amber Portwood’s mother and friends are worried for her safety.

The Teen Mom star is in "serious danger," they believe, given her prescription drug abuse and violent outbursts. People fear for Amber and her daughter Leah.

Amber has not abandoned baby Leah, but left her with ex Gary Shirley. Why? "She’s getting death threats," says a friend.
"She doesn’t want Leah around that.”
The source says Amber Portwood will be on Teen Mom’s third season, even though she doesn’t want to:  
”Amber has a contract that she cant get out of.”
Still, things may be looking up:  
“She’s seeing a therapist, and it’s going well. It’s even better that her and Gary are apart and not getting back together.”
With all the drama surrounding Amber - including the ongoing domestic violence investigation - perhaps the third season should be her last on MTV.

Then again, the network will likely milk it for all it's worth.

When you have two popular shows (Jersey Shore and Teen Mom), you do what you gotta.

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