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Royal Wedding To Happen!

By now, everyone on the planet knows that Prince William has finally taken the plunge and asked his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton to marry him.

The royal family's reactions were ecstatic especially his father, Prince Charles, who told the press he was "thrilled" to hear the news and even tried to make a little funny about it. He told sources, "They've been practicing for long enough."

Meanwhile, William's younger brother Prince Harry echoed his father's sentiments, at least the ones about being happy for his brother. He told sources:
"I am delighted my brother has popped the question! It means I get a sister, which I have always wanted."
Aw! How nice! One big extraordinarily rich and powerful family.
While Buckingham Palace will be abuzz with wedding plans for the next several months, the world is preparing itself to broadcast the biggest event of the coming year. Almost a billion people watched Prince William's father marry his mother, Princess Diana and sources are projecting that this wedding will garner far more millions of eyeballs! A BBC spokesperson explained:
“Today's news will be greeted with huge interest and excitement and we very much hope we will be able to broadcast the service to the U.K. and the world. If that is the case, there is no doubt the wedding will be enjoyed by one of the biggest audiences in history.”
Hold up! You think the royal family might veto broadcasting the wedding to the world? No fair! We've all been waiting for this day for like, ever! No way we're being kept out of the fun!

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