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Teen Mom To Get Subpoena By End Of Week!

All the police need is a little more evidence and then they are good to go!

Police in Anderson, Indiana are in the middle of a domestic violence investigation against Teen Mom star Amber Portwood. On an infamous episode of the show, Amber is see mercilessly beating on her boyfriend and baby daddy Gary Shirley during a crazed rant.

To really clinch the case, law enforcement officials have contact MTV to provide them with the full, unedited footage of the fight so that they can have indisputable evidence against her. Once they have that, then there's no stopping them. An officer from the sheriff's department explains:
"We are drafting and sending the subpoena to MTV to get the unedited version of their film. We want to compare that with what we already have — and hopefully it will put us closer to putting a point on this investigation."
As of now, the police are planning on issing a subpoena this week.

We don't see how she'll be able to wriggle her way out of this! The footage is there! There's no denying she went off on him and in front of her baby no less.

Maybe this will force some maturity on her.

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