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Police Have Unedited Tape Of Teen Mom Beating Ex

The unedited video of Teen Mom star Amber Portwood beating her ex boyfriend Gary Shirley is in the hands of the Anderson, Indiana Police Department, TMZ reports. 

The episode was filmed approximately six months ago and showed the reality star lashing out at her ex by cursing and punching him several times.  In one scene she kicks the father of their 2-year-old daughter, Leah. 

Throughout the abuse, Gary Shirley, noticeably larger than the hot tempered, and furious Amber Portwood, remained calm and threw no punches towards Amber.

Since the video has aired the couple’s daughter has been living with Gary Shirley.

TMZ reports that the Anderson Police Department confirmed they subpoenaed MTV for the unedited footage as well as any evidence that shows domestic violence.

If Leah was present during the attack, Amber Portwood may be charged with felony domestic violence or assault charges

Check out the video below:

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