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Demi Lovato Checks Into Rehab For Eating Disorder And Cutting

Demi Lovato checked herself into a rehab facility yesterday for what her rep called "emotional and physical issues," and now sources close to her family have confirmed that she's being treated for cutting, as well as an eating disorder.

Insiders explain:
"She fought through eating disorders and has struggled with cutting. [She] is taking control by getting help. She definitely had body-image issues. She was always conscious of her weight. Like many other teenage girls, she struggled a lot to fit in and find acceptance. She's very sensitive, very intuitive and that is part of what makes her a wonderful performer – very talented. It is double-edged sword. I think she felt that the hard time she had [in school], problems with kids who were incredibly vicious made her stronger. But none of us feel strong every day."
Poor thing. It's hard to keep in mind sometimes that at the end of the day, she's just an 18 year old girl with the same problems and insecurities as anyone else her age - just under a tremendous amount more pressure.
We are, however, relieved to know that she's seeking help and ready to face her issues.

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