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Teen Mom 2

Omg, I did not think these teens could be anymore of a trainwreck then the first group, but I guess I was wrong.  Holy Crap!!!!!! 

Kailyn-I have to admit, she is a pretty good mom for a 18 year old, but she needs to get her life under control.  I understand your mom is a bitch, and that you have nowhere else to go, but you need to figure something out girllll.  You cannot keep living at your EX-BOYFRIENDS house...well I guess you can since his parents seem to like you more than they like their own son.  I think that the parents should kick their son out, and let Kailyn live with them.  She is trying really hard, but her ex is making the situation bad. And relating to all of the baby daddies, HOW CAN YOU LEAVE YOUR CHILDS MOTHER?!?!?!  All 4 of the girls had their mans leave them, which is really messed up.  At least Kailyns man still loves their baby and tries.

Janelle-Ok, I don't usually say I hate someone unless they have totally done something to screw me over, but I HATEEEEE this girl, and I've never even met her.  How can you leave your child like that?!  All of these other teens don't even want to go get a gallon of milk without their child, how can you be ok with going out and partying 24/7 and not staying home with your kid?  Yes, he is sleeping, but babies wake up at all hours of the night and need a parent to feed them, hold them, change them, etc.  He is not your mothers kid, therefore, it is not her job to take care of him.  Your mom has other things to take care of, like her job, house, relationships, and you don't have a job, house, or man, so your child is the only thing you need to be concerned about.  Not going out, getting high, and breaking into houses like you so recently did.  GROW THE HELL UP!!!!
Chelsea-I like her, but she has some growing up to do too.  I understand break ups are hard, and that you are attached to someone, but your baby daddy treated you like shit.  He called your baby a mistake, GET OVER HIM!!!!!  If he thinks that cute little girl is just a mistake, then he is a mistake.  Its good that her dad is supportive though, this would be very hard to do on her own.  I like that she is taking responsibiliy and getting her own place, even if it is on daddys dollar (I guess I'm not one to talk since my mom pays my rent too :) )  I honestly don't have too much to say about Chelsea, except to get over her ex, lets just hope she doens't go back to him.

Leah-I feel so bad for anyone who has twins, I can't imagine a 16 year old with twins!  Even though her and her boyfriend (babies daddy) are not together, he loves those two little girls, you can tell.  She could not be much luckier.  She shouldn't have cheated, but I am glad that the two of them are trying to work things out for their kids.  It would be harder on them, I think, for their parents to not be together, than together and fighting sometimes.  She seems happy with her girls, and looks like she knows what she is doing.  I guess those are the motherly instincts kicking in, which my moms says I will have one day (good joke mom!).

Well, we will see how this season goes.....

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